A downloadable game

The LoreGen Worldbuilder creates procedurally generated worlds, with LoreGen, then lets you explore these worlds. Both LoreGen and the Worldbuilder are currently in version 0.12.

The LoreGen web site is in the process of publishing a complete tutorial of how it generates worlds.

This version of the Worldbuilder allows you to:

  • View procedurally generated worlds through maps of six different contexts.
  • Double click the map to view continents and regions in detail.
  • Explore the geography, biomes, and terrains of the world.
  • Generate random languages that use linguistic-based rules to create names for things and places
  • View the raw data used to generate climates, terrains, and biomes (this will probably be deleted in future versions)

To learn more, please visit the LoreGen web site and join the mailing list.

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP and run the executable. Windows only.


worldbuilder.zip 118 kB