A downloadable project

Histories and Heroes is a tool that procedurally generates fantasy worlds and allows you to explore and progress these worlds. In 2014, this project was rebooted as LoreGen, but you can still download the old version for free.

Histories and Heroes uses two windows, so it works best on computers with large displays or two displays.

This tool procedurally generates:

  • Continents and regions
  • Climates and terrains
  • Nations, leaders, and history
  • Towns and population density
  • Languages for naming people and places

The interface allows you to:

  • View the map in six different contexts
  • Explore the details and histories of people and places
  • Progress time to observe history advance

Also included is a basic "Hero Sandbox" tool that allows you to navigate the world as if you are a traveling hero.

This is version 0.95, and is the last version that will be released.

Visit the Histories and Heroes web site to learn more about this project.


HistoriesAndHeroes.zip 172 kB

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP and run the executable. Windows only.